Indexed Journals Search Engine (jindex ver. 4.0)

محرك بحث الدوريات المفهرسة

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About jindex

jindex ver. 4.0 is a FREE one-click search engine application developed by the Directorate of
Quality Assurance at Koya University. jindex application is searching all the databases of:

1. Clarivate Analytics, all WoS core and additional collections,
2. Scopus,
3. Scimago, and
4. DOAJ,

which are already available, individually, online to public for free.

1. jindex is a free application for educational purposes.
2. You may create account (optional) to use our services.
3. The account needs your institutional email, only.
4. We don’t collect personal data.
5. We don’t collect usage date.
6. We don’t use Cookies.

The information about the WoS IF is limited Kurdistan universities academics, as they are a part of NUR, where a registration and creating an account is a compulsory.
The mobile application is available for download to all users and it works on Android–based smartphone and tablets.

License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) []